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As someone who has been a serious powerlifter for about 10 years, I know what the power feels like. It feels like a freight train running through your body. It feels like the earth is on your chest. As Arnold Schwarzenegger explains, “it feels like you are cumming!”. We all know he means that it’s like having sex for a really long time, as your body tends to feel great as it releases endorphins and dopamine.arnie

But what they don’t tell you, is about the haters! Their is something to be said about body dysmorphia. Some people think its gross, some don’t. But, if we can learn anything from our beloved Arnold, we know that he was cocky and ignorant of the haters. He knows he’s weird. We have to know that we are “weird” to normal people. We are not like the skinny-boned boys in the school yard. We are the jocks. We should not be the bullies- we should be the bullies of the bullies. It is up to us to decide. what I am trying to say is that we as powerlifters must embrace the oddity that we have become, and let society make their judgements. We are snowflakes- but their are others out there who are like us.

There’s a lesson in love here as well. With women’s bodybuilding becoming a legitimate sport, it’s becoming a lot easier for male bodybuilders to find love. Think about it. It is great because we now have similar minded people to begin relationship with. I can solidly say, that I wake up and drink egg whites with my wife every morning, and get our first lift in together. She does her cardio, while I do my trunk lifts.

This is just a short post, and wanted to say that we, are all with you! We know your routine, we know your dedication and the tough times you go through to get what you are looking for. We know how it feels. Keep at it. Gains don’t come easy. Thanks again for being great people and fans of a great sport- we look forward to providing you with great information! DFWUPA!

Back At It

I was recently at a powerlifting conference in Springfield and noticed quite a few pieces of equipment that those lifters were using. Some of it was variations of other equipment that I had used, but backother were just wild and unique! I decided that most of us out here in Dallas could really use the knowledge that I acquired that weekend about the specific tools they used. As you all know, the Massachusetts Bodybuilding Alliance has been dominating use for years and it’s great to see under the hood of a great system and operation.  Read this post, and check out the things you’re not using to better your performance, that you should go buy on amazon right now: Hint: We know about more technology with our chest exercises than we do legs- legs are always neglected! Not with this post.

Item #1: Hydroleg

We’ve all seen powerlifting shirts before, super tight around the pectorals ,that limit range of motion and provide the extra support i getting that last rep up. But we haven’t seen the best technology yet in terms of squat performance. Squatting is tough because the motion is lateral with the ground. Your body bends around a fulcrum in your chest when you bench press and your arms bow out. When you squat, your legs bend at an angle and you push the weight up. There isn’t a great tool that will provide you that spot on squats, if your buddy isn’t around. Ideally, you would have a rotor based squat rack, where the pulleys can help you in the same squat motion. But if you don’t have $3000 to burn on a squat rack, the squat buddy will help.

Item #2: Back Buddy

We all love our squats. But if you are on a budget, most of the gyms we go to have cheaper machines and equipment. Often, it is just the iron squat bar and you, alone in that corner. We know how painful the iron bar can be on our upper backs over a long squat workout routine, so we of course have the foam pads and towels to pad our backs. But there are no good portable foam pads.. Until I discovered the back buddy. You can easily collapse it and bring it with you in your gym bag, so you can whip it out for the workout, then put it back when you are done. Its the perfect workout partner and will keep your back unbruised.

Sitting Is The New Smoking

We are a sitting world. We go to our day jobs and don’t move for 10 hours. you go to the doctor’s office and you sit in a chair. You take a car service to work and you are sitting. We are gradually becoming a society, where sitting is routine, and we hardly even have to stand up to live. Most of us do not realize the implications of this. For this reason, this week here at the Powerlifters Association forum, we have decided to write about this as America’s Epidemic!

Many thing start to happen to us when we sit down for long periods of time. Here are the things that directly affect our health when we sit. One of them is that we put increased pressure on our anus, and utilize the muscles less. It’s kind of like if you put your arm in a cast (so couldn’t move it) and dunked it in water for a few years. Not only is muscle in your arm weaker, but so is the outer layer of the skin. This is why your hear people that frequently sit with lower bowel and intestinal problems. They don’t use the muscles so they become weak, and it’s easier to tear and cause havoc down below.

DLNot only this, but the most common problem with people who sit too often, is in the lumbar portion of the back. It is the lower back, and many have it become sore and tender after a long sit. This happens because when we try and sit the tradition way (two feet on the floor, legs at 90 degrees and upright), our back muscles strain, give out, and it causes us to lean forward. Over a course of a few hours, you will sometimes see someone completely hunched over, and they don’t even realize it. What this does, is create a fulcrum in your back, and it pulls the lower back.

Naturally, humans were not meant to sit. It is also said that many vital parts of our body start to atrophy the more that we sit. Our hearts don’t pump when we are at rest. Our blood doesn’t flow. Our brain is less active. This isn’t ideal. When you think about the evolution of ergonomics and aesthetics, we have designed the most comfortable and visually appealing chairs ever in existence. If a caveman saw the beauty of today’s office chair, it would maze. But, it is hard because we are falling into a trap. Sure, we keep designing beautiful pieces of furniture to sit in, with claims that they will support our backs, and provide maximum comfort, than ever before.

The Powerlift Appeal- Get A Photographer

In order to become the best powerlifter and bodybuilder in the area, and get the most exposure, we have to think partially like movie stars. If any of you have seen Pumping Iron with Arnold Schwartneggar, in that movie, he explicitly expresses not only his workout routine, but having fun with it. Part of that fun,

is sculpting your own body and becoming what you want to be. It is entirely up to you, but you must become a bit of media darling in the process.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well I believe that it’s worth more than that eve. When you are a bodybuilder, your physical person can only extend out to the crowds you inspire downloadand to the judges you aim to win over. You spend countless hours in the gym to achieve this. For this reason, and due to its far reaching effects of you, you personality, and your celebrity, you need to find yourself a solid photographer.  When you do this, you have all of you tools at your disposal.

A good photographer can take the shot at the right time- a shot that may get you on the cover muscle and fitness, mens fitness or powerlifters magazine, ultimately boosting your confidence, self image and public reputation. It is important to remember this as a professional bodybuilder and powerlifter that you must maintain a public profile. This does not mean, however, that you have to be a good little boy.

If you need a good photographer, to photograph you in these intimate situations, I recommend that you select one who is the same gender as you and has an interest in nutrition and powerlifting. If you’re going to be bending over and exposing your arse in front of 500 people, you are going to want someone to capture your good side.

This is step one of your guide to becoming a better and more legitimate bodybuilder in the Austin and Dallas Area. There are other things you can do as well, such as have the ultimate nutrition and sleep routine, among about 200 other things which we will get into in the coming weeks.

The Bodybuilders Diet

Today we discuss a bodybuilders diet. The bodybuilder diet has been discussed for centuries, and we have had the same old- same old in place for  so long, we are tired of hearing it. Broccoli, raw eggs, red meat- blah, blah, blah. What are the foods that nobody else is eating, that I can start eating tomorrow, that will show me huge gains. While we cannot predict how your body will react and we do not promise some sort of magical pill, we can show you a few different foods that you can start eating now, that are better than what you are already eating.

#1) Macadamia Nut Oil

Picture 010

Macadamia Nut oil is beautiful. I’m willing to bet that 90% of you are currently using olive oil for all your nutritional intake, greased pans, and to add that flavor to certain things. Well get ready, because macadamia nut oil will knock your socks off. As an oil, it has one of the highest burning temperatures, so it doesn’t burn off in the pan easily when you cook. When you have it warm, it tastes just like melted butter! Not only this, it has more nutrient rich properties that olive oil does- actually olive oil at higher temperatures can be bad for you and change the composition of the oil and cause cancer! It isn’t cheap, but it is better for you in the long run! Try macadamia nut oil on eggs and cook your beef in it from now on- you will not be disappointed.

#2) Garlic

Even though you may not like the taste of this one, you have to start incorporating it into your diet. It might make your breath smell bad and ward off vampires, but you need to know the nutritional benefits of eating it- IN LARGE QUANTITIES! It has compounds that destroy free radicals easily and is a powerful antibiotic. If you dare to eat it raw (I suggest not doing this), you will feel almost an instant rush. This is because it has the ability to thin your blood nearly instantly.  Eat 2 cloves per night for a week and come back and tell me how you feel.

#3) ??? Check back in the next few days and I will reveal the last few….